Chelsea Charms

by Darkside00017 | 12:09 AM in |

I know a lot of people are against huge extremely fake boobs, and while I usually don't like them either its hard to go past Chelsea Charms, who has the world largest breasts! I guess its because I like round boobs more then anything, that I actually sorta like her massive tits; I'd really Love to feel them to see how hard they are actually.

Instead of doing what i normally do, add a picture followed by DailyMotion videos, I'm giving you a MegaUpload link to download about 20 videos in 1 file due to taking too long to upload by themselves and that this will only appeal to a select group of people.

MegaUpload Link:
File: Chelsea Charms.rar
Size: 88mb
Password: darkside00017 (ensure there are no caps)

Be sure to know that this file requires a password, as seen above. when you extract the videos enter the above password and everything will be fine.

So like I said, if you don't like her boobs, just move along - most of the other girls here are huge and natural!



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