Dors Feline

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I really like Dors Feline, she has a great set of boobs and yet I only found out about her 2 days ago...

Carmen (Cam With Her)

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Carmen is seriously one of my favourite "cam whore" of all time, she is just absolutely amazing, her breasts are fake from what I can tell but they just look so fantastic, perfectly round and bouncy, just amazing.

Brandy Taylor

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Chelsea Charms

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I know a lot of people are against huge extremely fake boobs, and while I usually don't like them either its hard to go past Chelsea Charms, who has the world largest breasts! I guess its because I like round boobs more then anything, that I actually sorta like her massive tits; I'd really Love to feel them to see how hard they are actually.

Instead of doing what i normally do, add a picture followed by DailyMotion videos, I'm giving you a MegaUpload link to download about 20 videos in 1 file due to taking too long to upload by themselves and that this will only appeal to a select group of people.

MegaUpload Link:
File: Chelsea Charms.rar
Size: 88mb
Password: darkside00017 (ensure there are no caps)

Be sure to know that this file requires a password, as seen above. when you extract the videos enter the above password and everything will be fine.

So like I said, if you don't like her boobs, just move along - most of the other girls here are huge and natural!

Michelle Bond

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Ive never really heard of this person before, but hey, the video is still good!

More Hitomi and Yoko!

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Milena Velba

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Busty Merilyn Update

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Sweet Victoria

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Hitomi Tanaka Update...Again

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A quick note to those who don't bother to read the twitter feed, I am looking for suggestions for more people to feature on the site, you will get credit for suggesting "eg. _______ suggested by ______" at the bottom of the post, or just remain anonymous.

Also, ensure they are slim, have huge boobs and not hardcore porn models, or if they are have videos much like Hitomi here (she started out gravure and went hardcore I believe). I just don't like "whorey" videos.

Karina Hart Update - Interview

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Tiffany Towers

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While I know her boobs are fake, (or were fake, much like Oueri Harada she had them removed) I still really like them, they're strangely nice and squishy and floppy as you can see from the video below.

Hitomi Tanaka and Yoko Matsugane

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Faith Nelson Update

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Personally I have never heard of this person, usually i'm the type of person to ignore random webcam whores - but this one took my interest...

Also, I'm not completely sure they are the same person... but hey, she/they are an alright update while I upload some of my own better video's for tomorrow, be warned I am running low on downloads at the moment, only about 3 gigs left for the next week or 2


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Usually i'm not the one to be too interested in black women (racist? I doubt it when it comes to boobs) but I really do like this woman's breasts!

Don't expect too many black women to appear on the blog, but hey, when I find some I like I won't hesitate to post!

Busty Merilyn Update

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Yoko Matsugane

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I'll end my random obession with Japanese boobs for awhile with Yoko Matsugane, more then likely because I can't find any more huge tited asians for the moment.

Ourei Harada

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Ourei Harada is easily one of my favourites, big large round boobs, and although they are implants (or the correct way to say it would be "were", she had them removed) they are still fantastic, almost as good or even better then if they were naturally that big.

Blog Redeign

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Anybody who is new to the blog please bare with the drastic update to the layout, all the boobs are still there but I fail at HTML and such, so bare with me while the layout is fucked up for a bit.


*New Layout
*Less posts on main page for faster loading
*Larger Videowall
*Dailymotion channel link on nav bar
*Removed annoying blogspot banner
*Removed footer
*New posts now centered instead of left alignment
*Better shoutbox placement and size (don't forget to comment!)
*New, good banner
*Twitter Client for general updates from me about the site (Please follow the twitter if possible, I will post all future updates so you are notified immediately of them =D)

Needing to be changed:

*Techlure header - I can only change this with photoshop and I'll need someone to do this for me, hopefully when 4chan is back up after this random DDoS attack (Now fixed, just removed it)

Overall I think it looks great so far, just really need to change that thing at the top =\

Edit: Most things except the heading are fixed, will centre all videos eventually but it is very frustrating editing the HTML to get it right, especially when you have no experience with HTML, but I am getting the hang of it for sure

I do have one worry though, that the banner will get too much traffic and stop loading, but i'm sure i could fix that later by actually uploading it to the blog

Hitomi Tanaka

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Karina Hart

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Here's some great videos of Karina, one of my fave big boob models, though im more of a fan of her old work then her newer stuff (ie. playing with dildos and such, I just don't like her doing that)

Faith Update

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Ewa Sonnet Update

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Cassidy Update

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Busty Merilyn

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Ewa Sonnet

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I love Ewa Sonnet, unfortunately I believe she has stopped making videos fairly recently...

Faith Nelson

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Unbelieveably hot blonde girl with large breasts - just what I like!


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A few videos featuring the extremely sexy Cassidy


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