Blog Redeign

by Darkside00017 | 4:19 AM in |

Anybody who is new to the blog please bare with the drastic update to the layout, all the boobs are still there but I fail at HTML and such, so bare with me while the layout is fucked up for a bit.


*New Layout
*Less posts on main page for faster loading
*Larger Videowall
*Dailymotion channel link on nav bar
*Removed annoying blogspot banner
*Removed footer
*New posts now centered instead of left alignment
*Better shoutbox placement and size (don't forget to comment!)
*New, good banner
*Twitter Client for general updates from me about the site (Please follow the twitter if possible, I will post all future updates so you are notified immediately of them =D)

Needing to be changed:

*Techlure header - I can only change this with photoshop and I'll need someone to do this for me, hopefully when 4chan is back up after this random DDoS attack (Now fixed, just removed it)

Overall I think it looks great so far, just really need to change that thing at the top =\

Edit: Most things except the heading are fixed, will centre all videos eventually but it is very frustrating editing the HTML to get it right, especially when you have no experience with HTML, but I am getting the hang of it for sure

I do have one worry though, that the banner will get too much traffic and stop loading, but i'm sure i could fix that later by actually uploading it to the blog



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