Another Fantastic Denise Milani Video

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Shay Maria

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Some amazing pictures of a girl I think is not really known outside of 4chan.

Katarina Snow

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Katarina Snow has some fantastic natural breasts, but for some reason I rarely hear of her...

Not much to say really, she is blonde, beautiful and slim; so I'll let the video's do most of the talking for me.

Denise Milani

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I can't think of a better way to start the blog then with Denise's huge round boobs.

Denise has, in my opinion, some of the best breasts in the entire world, but are they just a bit too perfect? She claims that they are completely natural, but there is some striking evidence that they are fake. However, I couldn't care less, I love her huge perky boobs!

Below are some samples of some of her unbelievable photo sets.

And to top it off, below is a video which I consider to be her at her very breast (Haha)

If your interested, find out more at Denise Milani's offical website


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